next chapter…

what!?! you came to this page to check in on us and you’re not a robot?! we are honored! Thanks for thinking about us. So what’s new with us? To start, we have completed our goal of recording 14 songs and are happy to start sharing said songs.

All songs are written and performed by me (James Delos Reyes) and Luis Servin. Recording took place in a small 1 bedroom apartment in San Luis Obispo, CA. No drummers, no amps, just straight to laptop. Our goal for this is not to have a top flight studio recording. Instead, the purpose of these recordings is to have entire arrangements put down on paper, to find other musicians, gain PR interest, book shows, etc. If we are able to establish these goals, we hope to re-record these properly in a real studio with a much larger budget. With that said, we are very proud of these recordings. We put a lot of time into these arrangements. You’ll find that they are not throwaway demos. Instead, you’ll find complete pieces—-statements not ideas. If you would like to listen to what we’ve been working on this past year, please check out the soundcloud widget below. We’ll be updating gradually with new songs.

What’s next for Quality Fridge Buzz? First off, we are changing our name! A name is still in the works. We feel like these new songs are a much more mature set of songs compared to what we’ve been releasing in years past. We really would like to build ourselves under a new name and separate from a lot of what I would call “identity” searching with past efforts. We also have some bigger plans which I can’t disclose at the moment, but the point is we are serious about getting the ball rolling with this. If you would like to keep updated, you can follow us on Facebook. When we change names, things should roll over smoothly, and you shouldn’t have to re-follow a new band on facebook.

Thanks for reading and caring about us! We appreciate it a lot and are excited to share what’s to come!


checkin in on us? Yes, we are still a band, and we are still working on stuff. We finally set a cap at 17 songs, and are not going to work on any new ones past that til we get these arranged to our liking. 2 of the songs are slow which I don’t care too much about arranging since they aren’t great for a live show, so really it’s 15 songs we are lookin at. Things are going really well in the quality fridge buzz camp, and we’re really excited to get these songs heard once they are ready. Thanks for not forgetting about us. We hope to repay you with great music.

workin out guit parts
the trick to great songwriting: lots of chords. haha