checkin in on us? Yes, we are still a band, and we are still working on stuff. We finally set a cap at 17 songs, and are not going to work on any new ones past that til we get these arranged to our liking. 2 of the songs are slow which I don’t care too much about arranging since they aren’t great for a live show, so really it’s 15 songs we are lookin at. Things are going really well in the quality fridge buzz camp, and we’re really excited to get these songs heard once they are ready. Thanks for not forgetting about us. We hope to repay you with great music.

workin out guit parts
the trick to great songwriting: lots of chords. haha

mas posts?

if you’re wondering what happened to the music, we’re still working on it. we’re just really slow. we (i?) took a little break but now i’m back programming drum beats while we continue to hammer away at guitar and bass parts. in other news, we decided not to post any more music til things become more finalized. *gasp* …so the posts are gonna be a little few and far between unfortunately. hopefully, we’ll be able to push through and get our act together sooner rather than later. thanks for keepin up with us. much love

change of pace

Hi friends,

I updated all the songs on our soundcloud profile to reflect a newfound sense of rhythm on piano (see previous post). Also, the first song you’ll notice has Luis on guitar. We had another song with finished guitar parts, but the tempo needs to be tamed a little bit. Check out the new recordings here: or on the player on this site assuming it loads correctly.

Plus, there’s a few new songs in there I’ll be posting more about (“When Heaven’s Dead”, “Tabs”, and “Drag for a Queen”). Hope you enjoy them. Thanks


Dry Erase Board…cause we’re professional-like now